Jewish Weddings

Like it Live have provided specialist Simcha bands to Jewish Weddings as well as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs for many years now. We are experts in this area and have outstanding musicians who can perform every type of Jewish music as well as up-tempo party sets of pop, soul, funk and Motown music.

We understand that every event is different and offer many different packages to suite every clients needs.

Some clients require a little Israeli dancing at the beginning of the evening and then party sets at the end and others prefer more of a dinner dance when the band will play between courses.

There is also the full show band option when the band will play music all night long with more lively sets between courses and then more background visual sets whilst the guests are eating.

The choice is yours and we are happy to work with you to tailor the day/night to suite your requirements in any configuration you require.

In addition to the above options we can also provide music for the Chuppah Ceremony in the form of a Klezmer band. The same band can and then also relocate and acoustically play some jazz and swing in the drinks reception. We have many outstanding Jewish musicians who have an exceptional knowledge of the music required in the Chuppah with a vast repertoire.

The trio will consist of keyboards/accordion, Double Bass and clarinet, or you can swap the double bass or clarinet for a violin. There is also the option to just have a soloist playing keyboards and or accordion or a duo by adding on either clarinet or violin. Our band leaders are happy to work with you and the Rabbi to create the perfect structure and musical accompaniment for the Chuppah ceremony and reception drink.