The Team

Wicket Wheeler Fetching sticks

Wicket has over 12 months experience collecting sticks, biting small children and chewing furniture. She has recently started her professional music career.

Doug Powells Band Leader

Doug Powells got his musical education from his country and folk playing father but quickly got some groove going playing with several successful original bands.

Craig Lowe Band Leader

Craig is a busy session musician and leads one of our acts. He is one funky bassist and is guaranteed to get your party dancing.

Steve Walker Band Leader

Steve gained a priceless apprenticeship in entertaining and winning the praise of audiences of all sizes, from small intimate gatherings to large corporate events.

Will Vicars Band Leader

Will is a talented, professional bass player working full time in the music business with over 10 years of live performance and recording experience within the industry.

Dave Dorword Band Leader

Dave has been playing bass from the age of 10. One of our longest serving band leaders, Dave is the master of the Low Frequencies.

Geoff Walker Director

A professional musician for over 15 years, Geoff is responsible for the daily running of the business and for selecting our growing roster of acts.

David Wheeler I.T Consultancy

With over 15 years designing, building and marketing websites, David is responsible for running the Like It Live Music and growing list of act websites.

Kelly Walker Artist research, Admin and PA

Kelly advises on stage wear and style for the in-house bands whilst working alongside our band leaders on large events to help co-ordinate the day.